Senior Service Council Escondido: Offers assistance to low income Escondido residents who may qualify for assistance through these programs sponsored by SDGE. Please contact the appropriate SDG&E contact listed below. 

Need Help with your Energy Bill?

SDG&E has several assistance programs to help lower your monthly energy bill while keeping your home comfortable

  • California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) Program:  Save 30% or more every month on your bill. Eligibility is based on participation in certain public assistance programs, or household income and how many people live in your home. See SDG&E/CARE
  • Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) program: If you don’t qualify for CARE, you may for FERA. You could receive a 12% discount on your energy bill. FERA is only open to households with three or more people See SDG&E/FERA
  • Medical Baseline: This program has helped over 30,000 people, who have a qualifying medical need ot medical device, to lower their energy cost. Household income isn’t a qualifying factor. See SDG&E/Medical Baseline
  • Energy Savings Assistance (ESA): You may receive free energy-saving improvements for your apartment, condo, house or mobile home; such as lighting, furnace repair, weather-stripping, attic insulation and select appliance like a refrigerator.  See SDG&E/ESAP

For details about SDG&E’s many programs visit SDG&E/Assistance  , Call 1 (800) 411-7343 or email billdiscount@sdge.com.