Instructions for operating the Oak Room’s Epson Projector

  • Get the Projectors hand held controller from one of the staff
  • Power on the Overhead Projector
  • Projector is set up for 2 types of Operation
    1. Connect directly to your computer
    • Attach the HDMI Connector on the front wall to your computer’s HDMI port
    • You may need to modify your computers handling of multiple displays?


    1. Connect in Network Mode with Internet Connection
    • The following software utility must be downloaded and executed on the (Windows/MAC) computer that you want to communicate with the Oak Room’s Projector. Downloading and installing the iProjection Software
    • Power on your Computer
    • Link into the SSCE Computer Network for Internet Access
      • SSID: computer lab
      • Passphrase: 333147074
    • Load your favorite Browser
    • Get the utility for Epson Software by entering the following address
    • Follow the Online Instructions
      • Select your Operating System
        • Select Utilities
          Select Epson iProjection for PC (with Moderator) VY.XX (Version Number)
          Select Download
          Locate where on your system the downloaded files are kept
      • Select on the Downloaded file – Probably X.YY.exe
        • Follow onscreen installation instructions
      • When Utility has completed you should have a Menu item under Epson Folder
        • “Epson IProjection Ver X.YY”

Executing the iProjection Utility on your Computer

    • Select on the iProjection Software Icon
    • Select on the Advanced Connection Mode option –   shown below, then select OK
    • Select in the check box on the left of the Projector Icon
      Select on Join
    • You should be connected with the following bar shown
    • Your display resolution may have changed when you joined the Projector?
      This is evidently do to resolving resolutions with the best for the projector. Some modification is available when you go to your system setting for display and fine tune each display individually.  


Reference Manuals 

Epson iProjection Operation Guide (Windows/Mac)

Epson Pro EX7280 Users Guide