APRIL 2020



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UPDATE    04-01-20

Greetings to all SSCE volunteers,

This may be information many of you already know….

Just sending this update regarding the “until further notice” closure of the DEBB/SSCE building along with the Escondido Senior Center/PACC location.
SSCE will remain closed until further notice as mandated by the City of Escondido.
Calls have been made to clients who have appointments for various SSCE programs informing them that all appointments (thru April) have been cancelled until further notice and will be rescheduled at a future date. 
      My best to everyone with my prayers and faith that you and your families and friends are well and safe.   Tammy


                               PLEASE NOTE:


AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Sites Service Suspended Until Further Notice

As coronavirus (COVID-19) developments change hour by hour, AARP Foundation is doing its part to flatten the curve of transmission. A top priority for us is ensuring we are protecting those most at risk, including our volunteers and taxpayers. Therefore, we are suspending AARP Foundation Tax-Aide services beginning March 16 until further notice.

We will continue to assess whether we can open again in some or all sites for the remainder of the tax season and if the tax season is extended. 

For AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Leaders Responsible for Site Operations Oversite:

Protocol for Suspension of Site Operations:
We recognize that many sites have already suspended operations or begun the process. Thank you for your thoughtful decisions.

Local and District Coordinators: Please continue to work with your State Coordinators and in turn Regional Coordinators to suspend operations. As you suspend operations, please consider these action items:

  • Keep split-state leadership informed as you move forward.
  • Inform your Local IRS SPEC representative.
  • Inform your host site partner.
  • Notify all volunteers associated with the site.
  • Work with the site host to post a notice stating: “AARP Foundation Tax-Aide service has been suspended until further notice.”
  • For appointment sites, volunteers should contact taxpayers to cancel or reschedule appointments.
  • Point the taxpayer to the online site locator tool (aarpfoundation.org/taxhelp) for the most up-to-date information, including when the site will reopen.
  • Update the site locator, by turning it off for each site suspension. By doing so, the operation hours will no longer be visible to the public.
  • If the site will be closed for the season, and the volunteers are not working at another site that will be open, the Local Coordinator or volunteer leader with TaxSlayer Admin must deactivate the non-essential volunteers from TaxSlayer.

Alternative Services: As of now, we are not engaging in alternate delivery of tax services (e.g., drop-off services). Although we recognize the strong desire to employ other ways to serve taxpayers in our communities, we must operate and remain within program scope and program policy. As of this writing, the Department of Treasury and IRS have not made a determination about extending the tax season deadline. We continue to be in touch with IRS about program services, and different or new approaches that we can implement. We will keep you apprised of all changes regarding national program policy or IRS guidance perspective.

Keep Healthy: In the face of this outbreak, it is important to protect yourself and prevent its spread to others. As a reminder, take precautions as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Including:

  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Eliminate shaking hands and friendly hugs.
  • Avoid touching your face (especially your eyes, nose and mouth) as much as possible.
  • Stay home when you are sick and encourage individuals who are not feeling well to stay home, too.
  • In addition to CDC information, refer to your state public health agency, and your healthcare provider for more information. You can also find AARP’s coronavirus resources at  www.aarp.org/coronavirus

FREE INCOME TAX PREPARATION is suspended temporarily

For low and moderate income taxpayers.  Bring Social Security cards, photo ID, W2s, 1099s, Social Security award letters. Last years tax return and any other paperwork required to complete your federal and CA state returns. Married taxpayers MUST BOTH be present.  Tax return will be completed and filed in this one visit. 
Call 760-480-0611 to schedule an appointment.

To all Computer Lab Instructors, and students:

Based on the Cov-19 health problem and the fact that our computer room is very confined, with poor air circulation and our dealing with seniors from 55 to 93 years old, here are my directions as SSCE Computer Lab Director:


All computer classes are cancelled or postponed until the end of March at the earliest.

We will not take any new students.

All Instructors will call their students and tell them the following:

1/ Based on health concerns for our students and instructors, all classes are cancelled as of today March 14, 2020.

2/ the instructors will call all students at the end of March and let them know if we plan to re-start the classes or other decisions.

3/ At this time we still plan to have our Computer registration on Thursday April 30th from 9:00 AM to noon for our May-June session.

4/ this decision is independent from any decisions the SSCE board has scheduled for the health of the center. (no decisions known at this time)


Every Tuesday thru Friday    COMPUTER CLASSES     DEBB

These classes are 1.5 hours/week for 8 weeks for a $30 fee. Email and Internet classes, Ipad Basics and Android Basics for seniors run for 4 weeks for a $15 fee. Beginning/int. iMac with iOS El Capitan thru Catalina based on instructor availability.  Special Word, Excel, Android tablets, Kindle also offered. One-on-one tutoring available on most subjects on an appointment basis for $10/hour fee.
 New classes will be starting Tuesday, May 5,  2020.

 Registration for May/June session is Thursday, April 30th.,  2020, 9a.m. – Noon. …………………… DEBB
Call 1 (760) 480-0611 to register or for information.


  Tuesdays & Wednesdays ONLY   Taxi Coupon Program    9:00 – 11:30 AM         DEBB

Taxi coupons may be used for shopping, banking, churchgoing or Dr. appointments within the City of Escondido. Escondido low income seniors with no other means of transportation may qualify. Must apply in person. Bring proof of income, including most recent bank statement, picture ID and proof of age. Allow 1 week for approval. Call 760-480-0611 for more information.


Every Tuesday – National Alliance for Mentally Ill (NAMI)    4:00 – 6:00 PM – Senior Center Maple Room

Call 800-523-5933 for information.

Every Wednesday – Legal Aid & Notary Service    9:00 -11:00 AM                          DEBB

Get advice on wills, trusts, bankruptcy, divorce, landlord relations, and other general legal issues. Call 760-480-0611 to register.

Feb. 19 & 26, Wed.    AARP Smart Driver Program  Noon to 4:30 PM             OAK ROOM 

2 Day Initial Course.  This class provides students with a certificate that is valid for three years discount toward the cost of automobile insurance. AARP members MUST bring their current membership card. Participants may bring their own food and/or drinks to the course. There will be two 10 minute breaks, but no lunch break. Cost is $15 for AARP members or $20 for non-members. Make check payable to AARP and pay instructor at class time. Call 760-480-0611 to register. Plan to arrive 15 min. early for check in and payment. Call 760-480-0611 for more information.

Apr. 15,  (Wednesday)   Dental Screening      9:00 AM                                                     DEBB  

Dr. Randy Jungman, a local dentist will check for gum disease, proper denture fit, and give you great information. Call 760-480-0611 to register.

No date. (Wednesday),  Better Breathers Club  1p.m. – 3p.m.   DEBB

Sponsored by the American Lung Association, this support and educational group is for people with respiratory problems of COPD (chronic pulmonary diseases of bronchitis, emphysema and asthma). Meeting topics include updates on lung disease treatment, medications, respiratory equipment, exercise, psychological aspects of lung disease, nutrition, breathing techniques, and more. Meetings are free and open to all.
Call 1-760-480-0611 for information.

Apr. 13  (Monday) Hearing Screening       9 AM  ……………………………………. DEBB              (oak)

David Illich, will conduct and interpret a professional hearing test and give advice regarding any hearing aids you may have. Call to register at 760-480-0611.

 Mar. 23 & Apr. 13 & 27 – (Monday) – Alzheimer’s San Diego Support & Discussion  –   10 – j11:30 AM      PACC Maple Room

This group for caregivers provides a safe environment in the MAPLE ROOM to discuss caregiving experiences, learn strategies for coping and gain emotional support. Call Group Leader Sheila Argeanton, CDT at 858-966-3303 to confirm and for information visit ALZSD.ORG.

Mar. 18 & Apr. 15, (Wednesday)   Multiple Sclerosis Support Group   – 1:00 – 3:00PM  DEBB call to verify room

Support group for those with M/S, their families and caregivers meets in the DEBB Building.
For information, call Beth Bradsher, M/S Self-Help Group Leader at 760-747-9096.

Apr. 14, (Tuesday), Post Polio Support Group 12:30 – 3 PM                                               DEBB 

For those dealing with Post Polio Syndrome, or anyone who is dealing with pain. Join us for fun and informative guest speakers. For more information, call 760-745-2787.

Apr. 3 (Friday),  Apr. 16 (Thursday), and Apr. 28 (Tuesday),  
HICAP, Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy    9AM – noon  DEBB

This program meets at DEBB to provide assistance and objective information to help seniors and disabled persons make informed decisions about health care coverage, Medicare benefits, and supplemental insurance plan options. Call 858-565-8772 for an appointment.

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